About Sky Cam Video

Skycam Video was founded in 2015 by Bob Syme, President, UAV pilot.

Bob has been a licensed private pilot since 1979 and has a great passion for aviation.

Skycam Video uses a DJI Inspire 1 which enables us to film videos in 4K High Definition as well as 12 megapixel still images.

Skycam Video also carries a $1,000,000 liability insurance provided by Transport Risk Mangement.

Skycam Video operates under an FAA 333 Exemption #11620 which allows commercial operations of Small Unmaned Aerial Vehicles. Bob has over 37 years experience flying fixed winged aircraft and is very familiar operating in the National Airspace System. Skycam Video will obtain all necessary FAA permissions, including filing Notice To Airmen (NOTAMS), prior to flying in the National Airspace System. Skycam Video will also work with their clients to obtain private property owner’s permission to opoerate legally in these areas as well.

Skycam Video uses First Person View (FPV) technology to perform aerial photography and videography for Commercial Real estate, construction site monitoring, drainage channels as well as detention ponds.

Skycam Video’s mission is to provide their clients with the best aerial and video photography. We can customize our services to fulfill your needs.

Our priorities: