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Sky Cam Video aerial video & images provides value to clients in a wide range of industries. Our services are 75+% more cost-effective than manned helicopters. We use aerial solutions that provide more intimate images, in a safer manner.

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Construction Projects

Drainage Bridge

High resolution video and aerial images of construction projects during construction or at the completion of the project can be very useful for many reasons: Final photos, slide shows and videos are useful for advertising as well as baseline and historical records of the completed project. During construction, time lapse photography is also helpful to monitor construction progress and schedules improving project management, progress reporting and project documentation.

Inspections are also accomplished in a safer manner at reduced risk and costs.

Municipal Projects

Venezia Park

Time lapse construction can be used to watch the progress of a construction project and be used to track schedules of projects as well.

Aerial photos of final project completion can be used for advertising as well as promotional events showing off facilities that can be used during special events.

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate Building

High resolution aerial images can give you the edge above your competition, reducing listing times on the market, increase the opportunity to close the sale above the asking price and improve the thoroughness of property appraisals.

High resolution aerial images give a vantage point unattainable from the surface giving your clients breath taking views of properties. Images can also be taken at eye level.